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Our Sponsors


Raising the money

20th World Scout JamboreeGoing to a World Jamboree is not cheap and will cost each Scout around 4,000. This will cover their training and equipment, travel and accommodation. Part of this cost will also go towards assisting Scouts from less wealthy parts of the world to attend, ensuring that all countries are fully represented, not simply the wealthy ones. 

To help with these costs the Contingent Members are actively seeking financial assistance in their endeavours. In return they can guarantee that they will return better young people for their experiences and hope that those they meet will do similarly. 

With almost daily news about the global market, the international community, territorial, racial and political conflict, the opportunity for so many young people from so many different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds, to join together under a common banner, learn about and understand each other and share in each others hopes and dreams is a unique and unmissible opportunity. 

Through attending the Jamboree they will also help to raise the profile of:

  • Scouting;
  • Young people and youth development in Woking;
  • Cultural awareness amongst young people; and of course .... 
  • Their sponsors

On their return they intend to give talks to organisations and other young people about their findings.