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Surrey 2 - 16-Sep-01 Surrey 2 - 18-Nov-01 Surrey 1 25-Nov-01 I Surrey 1 25-Nov-01 II Surrey 1 25-Nov-01 III Surrey 1 19-Jan-02 - I Surrey 1 19-Jan-02 II


Training of the Woking Contingent

Training is carried out within each of the two Surrey County Contingents (Surrey 1 and Surrey 2). The Woking Scouts have been divided equally between the County Contingents as follows:

Surrey Contingent 1

Surrey Contingent 2

  • Steve Britain
  • Chris Ellis
  • Alex
  • Daniel
  • Jeremy
  • Kieran
  • Frances Britain
  • James
  • Jonathan
  • Michael
  • Robert

The training is a continuous process between September 2001 and December 2002. Follow the links to the left and see how the training is progressing.