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Surrey 1 19-Jan-02 II
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Surrey Contingent 1

First Unit weekend - 19 & 20 January, 2002 - Part II

Lunch was a simple but very(!) effective batch of bacon sandwiches. 

Kieran table crawling We spent a good half hour or more climbing under tables......yup....that's right.....climbing under tables (Kieran shows how it should be done!)...

... before constructing jamboree related games that we could run for Cubs and/or Beavers back in our own Groups. Before we knew it, we were back outside collecting wood for dinner! 

We took time out to wish Laura happy birthday. Laura's birthday

After a good (*cough, cough*) nights sleep, the Woking crew were up first cooking breakfast for the remainder -Fires are NOT easy to start at 7:30 in the morning after every piece of wood within a miles radius has been soaked through! Hopefully we wont have this problem in Thailand!

Thailand is the other side of the world - so we have to get used to being upside down!

Getting fit for Thailand

The rest of the day was aimed more directly towards the Jamboree. What would any Jamboree get together be like without a showing of the famous Chile video? Well...I don't know, but we had the pleasure of watching both the Scout Association video AND the County video.

We contemplated possible layouts for our site in Thailand; brainstormed ideas for our contingents activity (may I add that the Woking lot came up with twice as many ideas as the rest of the contingent put together!!); learned about swapping badges from a past pro and then finally discussed about kit once our parents (the budget holders!) arrived.

By the time we were set to leave everyone could say that they knew more about each other and a little more about what's going to be happening once we reach Thailand! Can't wait for the next meeting!