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Surrey 2 - 16-Sep-01
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Surrey Contingent 2

First Unit meeting - Sunday 16 December, 2001

The first unit get together was a chance for us to meet the people we would be sharing our Jamboree experience with! 

The day started well with us being presented with a bag of sweets each as we walked through the door. However, this was just a novel ploy to divide us into groups as the sweet type determined who we would work with for the first activity. 

As the day went on, the groups rotated, so that everyone had worked with everyone else by the end of the activities. While half the group struggled with BBQ charcoal and rain, we were set the challenge of building a device to protect an egg, which would be catapulted to its death. 

In true Woking style, we left the others to their cardboard and cellotape and proceeded to the kitchen to hard boil our own. Unfortunately this back fired when we blew the electrics for the entire site. Whoops! - We went back to cardboard and sellotape!

The day ended with a meeting for us and our parents, led by our contingent leader, Phil Currie, and our contingent support leader, Andy Harris. This told us more about the events of the next few months, leading up to the jamboree. We also had a chance to view our uniform!!! Um……… nice shorts!!!