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Greetings from Taiwan

Steve Tibbert (Surrey 1 Contingent Leader) sends a fascinating summary of Home Hospitality in Taiwan:

Hello from Taiwan!

It's been non stop since we left the Jamboree site at 10.30am on Wednesday morning. We eventually got to our families homes by 2:00am on Thursday morning. What we hadn't expected was to be woken at 6:00am so we could get to our host schools for 8am! We were all a little tired. 

We began the day (9 January) with a reception at the Council offices with the City Mayor. We even made the local pages of the Taiwan National Paper, the picture is good but we've only seen the text in Mandarin, hope it says good things! (we have scoured the website of the Liberty Times, but can't find the article anywhere).

The rest of yesterday was spent at school!!!! After spending time talking to the children in their classes we had a lesson in how to read and write in Mandarin. The afternoon activities in the gym were followed by a display performed especially for us. We then attempted to leave as we were mobbed by lots of the children who wanted to meet us and speak some English.

The evening was spent with our families, although a number of us met from time to time in the middle of Keelung.

Today (10 January) we have just returned from Taipei, where we have visited some museums and spent an hour shopping in a centre with 14 floors! This morning we started the day with a show at the other school hosting us. This included a Lion (dragon) dance and a choir. Again we were mobbed! 

Well we are just about to head off with our hosts for our final evening away. We are now looking forward to waking in time to catch the bus to the airport at 5.30am tomorrow (11 January). We understand the rain and snow have given you a good time for the last couple of weeks! We have found it cooler here and it has rained lots since we arrived so we are getting ready for our return. 

See you all tomorrow evening.