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05-Jan-2003 (III)
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Back online

After a brief spell away from the internet cafe (due to the camp lurgy), Dan returns to update us and renew the promise of photos to come!

"Hi All!

Having a really great time. Today we did Community Action Day, where we went to a school and helped build a playground. I sunk poles into the ground with concrete for the kids to run around, and made obstacles with tyres and tubes.

I am trying a different method of uploading photos. I have used APS (stupidly) and I am having it developed onto prints and on CD. I have found that they also take Smart Media, so I have asked that they put all the pictures on my 128MB card on the CD as well as the APS pictures.

With any luck, by tomorrow evening I should have pictures to put on the Lets Jamboree website, they should be great!

I am having a really great time. I am finding it difficult to get on a computer as much as I would like, and I am spending rather a lot of money doing so (you might want to look at my Platinum card online!). It is fantastic here, though.

I am constantly busy, very tired and a bit under the weather. I didn't mention it before, but you would think in a hot country it would be impossible to get a cold, but no! I have a full on cough, cold and headaches. Thankfully I haven't had food poisoning or the runs (touch wood!) but I still feel rough right now.

Tomorrow, I have City of Science and Tournament. I am well on the way to getting the Jamboree Award, but it is difficult.

I am not looking forward to the closing ceremony:

1. It means the Jamboree is over.
2. The Thais are good at ceremonies, but really, really bad at parties.

The Opening Ceremony and New Year were both hard work, with Thai ballet (traditional dancing) and flag displays. There were no chances for audience participation, or anything big, loud and exciting. Most people were asleep on the main arena floor within 10 minutes, including all the Thai Scouts; they were the first to go to sleep!

Apart from that, the Jamboree has been really amazing, really unexpected and huge. I have enjoyed everything it has offered, but the parts we were told about in the UK as being the best parts, like the ceremonies, have not been the highlights for me. I am approaching everything now with a sense of surprise, and not listening to any advice on what an event will be like.

I am writing a diary, once every 2-3 days I fill in everything up to that point. It is going well.

Is Woking on flood warning because we keep hearing about the horrendous floods in the UK?

Right, I must go now. I will send pictures tomorrow, they should come through to me at 11:00am here, I'll send them at lunch.

Hope you're all OK and having a good time. I haven't felt homesick too much yet, only when I phoned home!

Everyone says hi!

I've got to run the pub from 10:30 to 11:00 tonight then I can got to bed, and I've got 35 minutes till my shift starts. The internet cafe here is about to close so I must go.