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03-Jan-2003 (II)
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Jamboree Award nearly completed

Mike (Surrey 2) takes time out of his day to give us a brief update:

"Hello to everyone back there in England, 

I am glad to say that we have finally just about acclimatised to the heat and so the mood is generally much more positive and people are generally much happier. 

Today we have been to the Crossroads of Culture, which was very good. We met people from different countries and tried out some of the pass times from that country. In Thailand it was music, and drums, Finland made paper and the UK Contingent played Jenga - very traditional :) 

Had a brilliant day and with just one more activity to complete on the Jamboree Award we are all getting competitive to see who will be the first to get their hands on one. 

Still having an amazing time, it is unreal I keep expecting to wake up or something. Everyday is more amazing than the last and full of personal challenges. 

This truly is the experience of a life time "

Whilst surfing the internet we also found this photo of Bungle (Surrey 1 leader) enjoying himself. Many thanks to www.scoutingmuseum.com for an excellent set of photos:

Bungle (Jason Bury) member of the Surrey 1 Leadership Team