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The hike

The first reports from  02 January have made there way in, a day that saw Surrey 1 on a hike with a difference! A report by Jez (with telephone comments thrown in by Dan):

"Today was our Exploring Nature trail day which was in effect a hike but with a twist. Each of the patrols in our unit blindly selected a card which contained hike details - Trust Steve to pick 'the difficult one'! 

By 8:15am we were at the coach park and were ready to leave. After an hours journey we arrived at our destination (which I still don't know the name of!!).

After a little waiting around we set off on what seemed a very easy walk for a 'difficult' hike. After arriving at the first checkpoint the hike got more difficult as we had to negotiate several hills. It was almost impossible to get lost as there were yellow cards stuck to hundreds of trees with route numbers on ....but we managed it. Not our fault! The course was set out wrongly!"

"We had to wear long trousers and long sleeves to protect us from some of the less friendly local inhabitants! The walk was about 7km, it was absolutely boiling!"

"During the events of the day I almost got eaten alive by a spider that I disturbed after accidentally walking through its web (it was at least 4 inches in diameter and we have evidence!)."

"Jez screamed, hit it with his water bottle and ran off. It was so funny. Don't tell his Mum, she'll have a fit!"

"Alex hurt his ankle after rolling over it and got a ride in a Humvee as a result. Later we found out that 3 other unit members had rides in Humvees to the hospital. Nothing serious - just sprained ankles, blisters and tired knees. 

We also discovered a python and had a second one watching us as we took pictures of the first. At the time we weren't worried - but we became worried when the police man showed signs of discomfort! 

Once we arrived back at the camp site we all had thorough showers as the little beasties that we had seen were enough to make anyone paranoid! 

The rest of the evening so far has been spent writing reports and having dinner!"

"Tonight there is a press conference about Project Sabir, so watch the local newspapers."