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01-Jan-2003 (I)
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The New Year

The reports finally made it back, telephone and internet time were a bit of a premium on the first day of 2003. Click here to red the events of the afternoon for Project Sabir.

Celebrating the New Year, UK time"Happy New Year from a very hot and sunny Thailand."

"The temperature out here is very hot. We recorded 40C in the shade on our site yesterday (31 December) with one of the tents being 55C inside at 1:30pm. At midnight we welcomed in the Thai New Year with a temperature of 29C."

"Today we awoke at ten to seven to celebrate your New Year. By then it was too hot to sleep in the tents."

"We saw the REAL new year in at 7:00am, when we DID sing Auld Lang Syne."

The UK Contingent gathers to see the New Year in at 07:00 Thai time!"A little tired we ate breakfast before the majority went back to sleep, whether it be on the beach or in our tents. Only slightly later at 9:30am many of us realised that sleeping in the rising heat was going to be near impossible, so we were nearly all got up."

"The day was spent doing more activities on Sub camps, but with a lot of free time the beach proved very popular. The hats and sun cream seem to be proving very popular with everyone and it is now difficult to tell nationalities apart as so many people have swapped various bits of uniform as well as badges!"

"The sea is so warm that you don't notice you have got into the water! Hope you're all jealous with your 6C and rain back home!!"

"I spent the morning washing my clothes (yes I washed my clothes), tidying the tent (yes I tidied the tent) and relaxing as it was our day off." 

"Amazingly we are all sleeping and everyone is being careful not to burn in the sun."

"Phoned at midnight last night but realised you were all down at the HQ having fun!"

"Despite the large amount of practice UK Units were taking part in yesterday, we still lost the Ashes Cricket competition to the Aussies (all be it by 10 runs)! Lets hope the rugby and dragon boating is better."

"Have managed to swop lots including a full scout uniform. Made lots of new friends especially with the Japanese Scouts."

"This evening sees the Loi Krathong festival on the main reservoir. Each Unit has made their own Krathong out of Banana leaves and petals which will be lit and floated as part of the festival."

"The food is different and the lunch boxes are a challenge as the food is a little on the cold side!"

"The supermarkets are proving reliable for units to cater effectively although the packed lunches are very variable. The washing facilities are good and cleaned regularly and with the heat and humidity, people are washing regularly!!"

"We are roasting away in the sun here and coated in dust! Feeling pretty tired now but having a fantastic time. Sorry about the weather (in the UK), I guess you don't want to hear about the odd shower we've had between the sunshine!"

"Tomorrow 2nd Jan, the organised programme of events begins again which sees Units going out into the local communities, exploring nature in the Thai Jungle as well as discovering more about the World around us in the Global Development Village. Face the Waves activities in the sea are very popular and quite spectacular to watch."

"The UK video crew are doing sterling work, despite the conditions and all their kit is just about keeping up with temperatures of over 45 degrees!"