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The Jamboree - Days 3 and 4

Three e-mails and a 3 minute telephone call bring news covering 30 & 31 December. A software download permitting (not sure how good the connection is in Thailand), there are plans to send new photos from the Jamboree soon!

"Well, we have been at the Jamboree site for 5 days now. Temperature during the day is in the high 30 centigrade and humid - not too much cooler at night (not too much air passing through the tent)."

"Yesterday (30 December) we went to a session in the GDV (Global Development Village) on refugees where they put us through the process of becoming a refugee and then trying to reach a destination country. It was very interesting considering that it was held mainly in English but also in Thai, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish."

"The Jamboree is like a city!"

"It is amazing out here, no words can describe it."

"Campsite is good - but sandy and quite dusty. We have set up a pub (non alcoholic) on our site - which has a pub sign (powered by a generator) and is proving to be a bit of a magnet for our sub camp. We are having to call last orders at 11:00pm."

Dan and Jez in their Project Sabir T-shirts
Have you seen Sabir?

"As far as Sabir goes, we've been asked to hold back until New Years Day when Barry and his team with their cameras will record us going through the whole process of looking and meeting Sabir. We'll of course be wearing our T-Shirts and hopefully not too tired from the party the night before!"

"In the meantime we have heard that Dr Atif is looking for us, that's a good sign." 

"Having a most excellent time. The whole contingent (Surrey 1) are having a great time. Frances (Surrey 2) is only 5 minutes walk down the site, near the beach."

"Today (31 December) we have spent our free time on the beach - it is fantastic! How is the dog?"

"A lot of time was spent on sub camps with Units experiencing gastronomic delights from each others countries making up a huge subcamp banquet, UK units were spotted cooking bangers and mash; rhubarb and custard; haggis; spotted dick; curry and traditional full English breakfast! This was followed in the afternoon by a subcamp fayre, with each Unit sharing traditional games, songs and crafts cricket seemed to be popular with the UK Units."

"Lots of rumours flying around the camp - the first was that Harry Potter was somewhere in the UK contingent (which made Bangkok paper headlines - and prompted all the Thai Scouts to come looking for him) second was that a major storm was about to hit (which prompted lots of contingents to dismantle their camps). The latest is that the Red Hot Chillie Peppers are playing at the Jamboree New Year celebrations tonight ... The fact is it is going to be the Bangkok Marching Band ... There are going to be some disappointed kids!"

"In the evening subcamps started off the partying in a variety of ways, which fed into 4 Village parties. Villages then walked up to the main arena at the top of the site for the massive get together. The main party consisted of a bit of live pop music, followed by Traditional Thai Dancing and a few words (in Thai) from the Prime Minister."

"The New Years Eve celebration was yet another mad congregation of 30000 people in the main arena however the entertainment was a little of a let down (and no Auld Lang Syne)! Never the less we all saw the New Year in together."

"Have managed to swap loads of badges, one Thai Scout gave me a second Official Jamboree badge in exchange for a Surrey 2 badge ... bargain!"

"The leaders (Surrey 1) sewed our Official Jamboree badges on our uniforms for us as a treat!"

"We're all well and having a great time.....but its stinking hot and humid!!"

"Hope you all have a Good New Year in UK. We are seven hours ahead of you - but intend to get up early tomorrow to see the UK in again in UK time - probably sat in the sea on the beach. Have a shot of whiskey for me!"

Oh, for those photos!