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Communication problems!

Many of you have noticed that the Jamboree news has gone quiet over the past few days. Below are two e-mails from the UK Contingent, explaining that there have been some communication problems at the Jamboree site. These have apparently been resolved and we look forward to more reports as the main event gets underway!

"World Jamboree Update: 27 December

Major telecommunications problems in Thailand have made it impossible so far to update the UK Contingent Website with news and images direct from Bangkok. Even the 'International Press Centre' at the site is not currently able to provide effective international links!

The UK Contingent is on-site and are currently (noon 27 December UK time) setting up in their camps. The UK Headquarters Pavilion is being established and the telecoms links to it are promised for the 28th December. Even the basic electricity supply has yet to be provided.

The stay in Bangkok has been very successful with both the Christmas Party and the Thai Experience being enjoyed by participants. There have been a few accidents and the Home Contact system has worked well to ensure that relatives of anyone affected have been kept fully in the picture. Parents and relatives who have not heard from Thailand can be totally reassured that 'No News is Good News'."

"UK Contingent Ebulletin: 28 December

May we firstly apologise for the gap in communication since our last ebulletin. The communications infrastructure at the Thailand Experience and now at the Jamboree Site are not as adequate as we had been led to believe. We now believe that we are in a position to update the website with news and hopefully images of the Contingent in the very near future. 

Please be aware that the formal reporting procedure from Thailand is via the Home Contact, if you hear no news this should be regarded as good. Please do not email requesting specific information on individuals and Units.

Please rest assured that the Contingent are well and are having a great time here in Thailand. Yesterday, 27th December, we moved from the Ambassador City Hotel in Jomtien to the Jamboree site in Sattahip. The Units have settled in well as they spend their first night in camp. Spirits are high and so too is the temperature!

The International Service Team have worked hard since their arrival on site to prepare for the young people. They too are in high spirits and adapting well to Jamboree life.

This evening sees the official opening ceremony of the Jamboree which will be attended by the Crown Prince of Thailand and the King of Sweden. This will be the first gathering of all 25,000 Jamboree participants.

We will be in touch soon." 

We'll be waiting!