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The first two days!

The flights were long but all arrived safely on Sunday 22 December. Within hours several of the Woking Contingent had tracked down an internet cafe in the Ambassador Hotel and were sending messages back via e-mail and the Message Board. The following is a compilation of the news so far (covering 22 and 23 December):

"Greetings from Thailand!"

"We arrived at Bangkok after an 11-hour flight. We stepped outside and were greeted by Thai dancers and hot sunny weather."

"We had our own check-in desks at the airport when we arrived! This is quite something, a route purely for Scouts! I must travel like this more often, makes you feel like a VIP!"

"The Units have arrived in Thailand (22 December) and are settling into the Ambassador City Hotel. They are recovering from the jetlag and are in high spirits!"

British flags adorn the Ambassador City Hotel
The UK Contingent has arrived!

"When we got to the hotel we were amazed at the size of it. The main building was 42 stories high and also there were another four buildings of great size."

"Hi everyone! Believe it or not there's an internet cafe in the hotel!"

"Our room is so cool! We've decorated it with all the stuff I brought and the facilities are really good anyway."

"We're 7 hours ahead here."

"It is hot and humid, much as we expected, so the sun hats, shades and sun cream have come in very handy."

"We've had a lovely relaxed day today (23 December). Got up at about 8:30 in time for a breakfast at 9:00 with a choice of full English or Thai (rice and curry etc.) Although I am disgusted with myself, I had the full English ... Thai tomorrow!"

The UK Contingent dinning at the Ambassador
The Ambassador Hotel dining hall

"Food is awesome." 

"It has been a bit of a chill out day following a very tiring journey, so lots of swimming in the enormous pools all day! I'm pretty sun burnt and still really worn out, but hey, we're in Thailand!"

Volley ball in the Ambassador City Hotel pool"We spent most of the day ... playing hundreds of games of volleyball and water polo. I would have to say I'm completely knackered! Not a good thing as we have to be up at 5 tomorrow."

"After breakfast I went with a few others up to the 42nd floor in a glass lift before climbing the last flight of stairs to the roof and then the helipad. The views were absolutely incredible!"

"We've spent a fair amount of time with Surrey 2 today (playing water games against them) and hopefully the Woking lot will be forming a team in the days competitions on Christmas Day." 

Alex and Jez relax by the pool
Surrey 1 taking it easy!

"You won't believe it but the official Jamboree song is number 1 in the charts here! Everywhere we go it is playing through speakers which is a good background, but then you remind yourself that it is an awful song!" Click here to listen to the song.

"There are huge banners and flyers on the motorways and just about anywhere they can fit one advertising the Jamboree, which makes you feel really welcome. It also puts across the scale of this, it's huge!"

"Tomorrow (24 December) the programme includes ... going off to spend a day in Bangkok. The Christmas Eve celebrations will include a candle lit carol service on the beach at the Ambassador City."

"Christmas has been accepted by our Buddhist hosts as something worth celebrating, and there are decorations and remarks made everywhere."