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Contingent News

20-Jan-2003 - Reporting back!

17-Jan-2003 - UK Contingent update 9

14-Jan-2003 - Finishing off!

12-Jan-2003 - Welcome home Surrey 2

11-Jan-2003 - Welcome home Surrey 1

10-Jan-2003 - Greetings from Taiwan

08-Jan-2003 - Countdown begins to 2007

07-Jan-2003 - The spirit of Operation Sattahip

06-Jan-2003 (III) - The art of communication!

06-Jan-2003 (II) - A hectic three days!

06-Jan-2003 (I) - UK Contingent update 8

05-Jan-2003 (III) - Back online

05-Jan-2003 (II) - UK Contingent update 7

05-Jan-2003 (I) - UK Contingent update 6 & health provision statement

04-Jan-2003 - Project Sabir photos arrive

03-Jan-2003 (II) - Jamboree Award nearly completed

03-Jan-2003 (I) - UK Contingent update 5

02-Jan-2003 - The hike

01-Jan-2003 (II) - We've found Sabir!

01-Jan-2003 (I) - The New Year

31-Dec-2002 - The Jamboree - Days 3 and 4

29-Dec-2002 - First reports from the Jamboree

28-Dec-2002 - Communication problems

26-Dec-2002 - Christmas in Thailand

24-Dec-2002 - The Bangkok Tour

23-Dec-2002 - The first two days

21-Dec-2002 - The adventure begins

20-Dec-2002 - Last minute broadcast on the BBC

19-Dec-2002 - Mayor of Woking gives Civic send off 

12-Dec-2002 - Sabir makes contact

05-Nov-2002 - Dan & Jez go live on the BBC

30-Sep-2002 - Project Sabir Newsletter released

31-May-2002 - Gordon's School and Surrey Scouts launch "Project Sabir"

28-May-2002 - 1st Knaphill Beaver Scouts put on Circus Spectacular

04-May-2002 - Bag packing gains support of Sainsbury's

30-Mar-2002 - Safeway customers support busking Scouts

22-Mar-2002 - Tom O'Connor presents Woking Scouts with 1,000

11-Mar-2002 - Borough Council supports Woking Scouts

02-Mar-2002 - First Public Appearance for the Woking Contingent

28-Feb-2002 - Woking Contingent T-shirts arrive

08-Sep-2001 - Woking District Scouts launch Lets Jamboree website