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Media Coverage


Coverage of the Jamboree on the Internet

The worlds media has devoted its own space to the 20th World Scout Jamboree. Below are the articles we have found so far.

Date Title Source
12-Jan-2003 PM: Greater interaction among people vital New Straits Times
12-Jan-2003 Dr M hopes war can be avoided The Star - Malaysia
Article contains details of UK Scouts visit
12-Jan-2003 Sweden's King Expected To Arrive Brunei Today Brunei Direct
11-Jan-2003 Decision On Ling's Position At Appropriate Time Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency)
Article contains details of UK Scouts visit
08-Jan-2003 British Scouts Eager To Meet Dr Mahathir Bernama (Malaysian National News Agency)
08-Jan-2003 30,000 campers say goodbye Bangkok Post
08-Jan-2003 Accusations fly at conflict-scarred event Bangkok Post
07-Jan-2003 Thai boxing proves a hit in camp Bangkok Post
06-Jan-2003 Thais give Japanese the thumbs-up for smiles and gifts Bangkok Post
06-Jan-2003 Swedish king charms troops Bangkok Post
06-Jan-2003 Sweden's king dons uniform and joins scouts at jamboree Borneo Bulletin
06-Jan-2003 Swedish King impressed The Nation
06-Jan-2003 A day of reflection and doing the laundry The Nation
05-Jan-2003 King of Sweden tours camp Bangkok Post
05-Jan-2003 Scouts crowding 'memory market' The Nation
05-Jan-2003 Rift mars Jamboree The Nation
04-Jan-2003 Asia's week in pictures BBC
04-Jan-2003 Gathering gets thumbs up at half time The Nation
04-Jan-2003 Sweaty nights at camp site The Nation
04-Jan-2003 Water fight breaks out The Nation
04-Jan-2003 Of sex and the nervous faithful Bangkok Post
03-Jan-2003 An eye-opening New Year The Nation
03-Jan-2003 Scouts spend big at world jamboree The Nation
03-Jan-2003 Scouts hit a high orbit in science city The Nation
03-Jan-2003 Sexual shenanigans spice up camp life Bangkok Post
02-Jan-2003 Scouts in Thailand Jamboree for 30,000 Woking News & Mail
02-Jan-2003 Scouts up early to feed monks The Nation
01-Jan-2003 Sea beckons for teens feeling the heat Bangkok Post
01-Jan-2003 Not all find Western food `aroi' Bangkok Post
01-Jan-2003 Scouts call off tour to Manila IC Newcastle
01-Jan-2003 Scout trip to Far East cancelled because of terror fears Glasgow Herald
01-Jan-2003 1. Scouts get to talk to astronaut
2. Authorities say scouts asking for condoms
3. Diary of a scout
4. Scouts cap careers by tying the knot
The Nation
Several articles on single page
31-Dec-2002 Scouts' trip cancelled after terror warnings BBC Newsround
31-Dec-2002 Disabled proud and happy to take part in host of activities Bangkok Post
31-Dec-2002 Ekachai is happy cleaning up Bangkok Post
31-Dec-2002 A good old frolic in the waves The Nation
31-Dec-2002 1. Scouts find the mud pool a cool spot in Chon Buri
2. It's a shopping spree of a jamboree
The Nation
Two articles on same page
30-Dec-2002 Potter fever gets Scouts searching BBC Newsround
30-Dec-2002 Souvenir boxes fill up as scouts `greet and swap' Bangkok Post
30-Dec-2002 1. Lessons in world citizenship
2. Harry Potter 'not here'
The Nation
Two articles on same page
30-Dec-2002 Jam Radio's rookie DJs spin global tune The Nation
30-Dec-2002 1. Nearly 4,000 participants seek medical treatment: Health Ministry
2. Girls said taped with 'x-ray' cameras
3. Three held after 100 flags disappear
The Nation
Several articles on single page
29-Dec-2002 Harry Potter casts magic spell Bangkok Post
29-Dec-2002 Scouting for Harry Potter in Chon Buri The Nation
29-Dec-2002 Technical hitch stalls chat with astronaut Bangkok Post
29-Dec-2002 No response from space station The Nation
29-Dec-2002 1. Young hands across the world
2. Food, heat take their toll
The Nation
Two articles on same page
29-Dec-2002 World Scout Jamboree kicks off in Thailand Oklahoma News Channel 4
28-Dec-2002 Sattahip set for the party The Nation
27-Dec-2002 Air force closes golf course to the public Bangkok Post
27-Dec-2002 Scouts get a feel of Thai massage The Nation
25-Dec-2002 Scout Movement offers hope to world The Nation
24-Dec-2002 Scouts to get free condoms at jamboree BBC
18-Dec-2002 Ban on digital photos of the Crown Prince Bangkok Post
14-Dec-2002 TAT supports World Scout Jamboree 2003 Asian Tribune