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The Jamboree

Bangkok The Jamboree Taiwan Malaysia


A Jamboree is described in the dictionary as a large and lively gathering of Scouts and Guides. But for the Woking Contingent (and all the others attending) it was a great deal more.

Leaving England on 21 December 2002, they travelled to Thailand to begin a three part journey of a lifetime.


Between 22 December and 27 December they joined the rest of the UK Contingent in learning about the capitol of Thailand, Bangkok.

On 27 December they arrived at the Jamboree site where they took part in the 20th World Scout Jamboree.

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Sawasdee Jam 11 (08-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 10 (07-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 9 (06-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 8 (05-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 7 (04-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 6 (03-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 5 (02-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 4 (01-Jan-2003)

Sawasdee Jam 3 (31-Dec-2002)

Sawasdee Jam 2 (30-Dec-2002)

Sawasdee Jam 1 (29-Dec-2002)

The 20th World Scout Jamboree Site

On 7th January, the Woking Contingent headed off in different directions to live for a few days with Scouts from another country. Alex, Chris, Dan, Jez, Kieran and Steve flew to Taiwan, whilst Frances, James, Jon, Mike and Rob set off for Malaysia.

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