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16th & 17th Jamboree
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16th and 17th World Scout Jamborees

16th World Scout Jamboree - Cataract Park, Sydney, Australia, 1987

Woking attendee - Kevin Dean (then 4th Worth, Crawley, now 7th Woking parent)

Held at Cataract Park, a specially constructed Scout tent town situated on a 160 hectare site near Sydney, this was the first World Scout Jamboree to be held in the Southern Hemisphere. Under the theme "Bringing the World Together", 16,000 Scouts from over 80 countries attended the Jamboree with around 13,000 more in attendance on "visiting day". The 850 strong UK contingent included 18 Ranger Guides (the first time Members of The Guide Association have taken part in a World Scout Jamboree), Mrs Betty Clay, daughter of the Founder, and 11 members of the Baden-Powell family, 9 of whom are direct descendents of B-P. The opening ceremony of the Jamboree, which took place at midnight on 31st December 1987, was the first official event of Australia's Bicentennial celebrations.

17th World Scout Jamboree - Mount Sorak National Park, South Korea, 1991

'Many Lands One World' was the theme which brought together 16,000 young people from more than 130 countries in the beautiful Mount Sorak National Park. The location was a few kilometres from the disputed border with North Korea and some 200km, or six hours by road, from Seoul, the capital city. The United Kingdom Contingent was made up of 1,407 people including just over 50 representatives from the Guides. As part of its contribution, the U.K. transported a replica Brownsea Island camp to re-enact Baden-Powell's 1907 experiment in Scouting. It became the most photographed and filmed event at the Jamboree. The Jamboree started with bad weather. Rain and flooding provided major problems. The opening and closing ceremonies were masterpieces of showmanship designed to rival those of the Olympic Games. U.K. Scouts also experienced home hospitality in Korea and Japan and a stay at a luxury hotel.