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13th & 14th Jamboree
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13th and 14th World Scout Jamborees

13th World Scout Jamboree - Asagiri Heights, Japan, 1971

Set in the foothills of Mount Fuji, the 13th World Scout Jamboree will be considered by many to have been aptly numbered, for it attracted an unwelcome visitor in the shape of Typhoon Oliver! The 20,000 Scouts, including 437 Scouts and Venture Scouts and 49 adult Leaders from the UK, found themselves amidst a sea of black mud and buffeted by high winds for close on three days. Conditioned previously by camping in "typical British summer weather", many of the UK Scouts were able to last out the trying conditions and help their less fortunate neighbours in the waterlogged 800 acre camp site. Despite the typhoon, the Scouts managed to carryout many of the planned activities including a World Scout Forum, expeditions up Mount Fuji and an International Evening with displays of national skills, dancing and song.

14th World Scout Jamboree - Lillehammer, Norway, 1975

Woking attendee - Simon Lee, 7th Woking

His Majesty King Olav V opened "Nordjamb '75", as it became known, in July 1975 in the presence of 17,000 Scouts from 94 countries. The British contingent, led by Lord Baden-Powell, was 1,624 strong and included Scouts from Branches in Bermuda, Hong Kong and Rhodesia. This Jamboree was a fine example of international co-operation on the part of the five Nordic countries responsible for its organisation. The happy relationships that developed were in large measures due to the warm hospitality given to almost every visiting Scout in the homes of the hosts. As well as traditional pursuits such as hiking, orienteering and camping, this Jamboree included in the programme several activities involving modern technology.