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7th & 8th Jamboree
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7th and 8th World Scout Jamborees

7th World Scout Jamboree - Bad Ischl, Austria, 1951

This Jamboree, held 4 years later, took place in a country still suffering from long years of hardship. For this reason the 1951 Jamboree in Austria was termed the "Jamboree of Simplicity". The site was a golf course set amongst the picturesque mountains in the Salzkammergut region not far from the little town of Bad Ischl. The Jamboree was organised by voluntary Scout Leaders in their spare time, and the Austrian Scouts worked on the site for two years to save costs and ensure the amenities of a Jamboree campsite. Numbers were limited to 15,000 and none will forget the first night when, as a welcoming gesture, the Austrian Scouts lit beacons on the tops of each of the mountains surrounding the site. All in all it was a tremendous achievement by a country still under military occupation.

8th World Scout Jamboree - Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, 1955

This was the first World Scout Jamboree to be held outside Europe. The setting was beautiful rolling parkland, at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada. 11,000 Scouts attended this great gathering which was notable for the number of contingents which crossed the Atlantic by air to attend - 1,000 from the United Kingdom alone. The most outstanding feature, however, was the tremendous hospitality accorded to the Scouts by the people of Canada. Not only did they raise money to help Scouts from the "soft currency" areas, but they welcomed them and lavished friendship and understanding wherever they met.