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5th & 6th Jamboree
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5th and 6th World Scout Jamborees

5th World Scout Jamboree - Vogelenzang, Holland, 1937

This Jamboree is remembered more particularly as the last Jamboree which B-P was able to attend before his death in January 1941. Queen Wihelmina opened the Jamboree and before her were assembled 27,000 Scouts from 51 countries - including 8,000 from the British Empire. B-P was 81 when he attended this Jamboree and in his message to Scouts of the World he said: "I... am nearing the end of my life. Most of you are at the beginning, and I want your lives to be happy and successful. You can make them so by doing your best to carry out the Scout Law all your days, whatever your station and wherever you are...Now goodbye. God bless you all! God bless you all! "It was as though he knew that he would not be able to attend another Jamboree and was giving his blessing to the Scouts of many nations.

6th World Scout Jamboree - Moisson, France, 1947

What B-P could not have known was that in such a short time the world would again be plunged into conflict. The Scouts throughout the world thought of their Jamborees which should have been held in 1941 and 1945. It is significant that with the end of the War in 1945 plans were immediately laid for a Jamboree to be held in1947, and France, so recently liberated, invited the Scouts of all nations. Despite the overwhelming difficulties which confronted the organisers the "Jamboree of Peace" was a tremendous success. Twenty five thousand Scouts from more than 70 different lands gathered on the flat, rather open site on the banks of the River Seine. Peace and goodwill emerged stronger and more virile than ever.