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G'day everyone, wow, I'm the first Aussie to write in here! How special do I feel. OK, I doubt anybody will actually read this but oh well. I had sooooooo much fun in Sattahip, especially with all u's from Surrey 1, and I miss u all very much. I can't wait to see u all in England in 2007 (and next year, coz I'm coming over to visit u all). If u know me, drop me a line (or an email will be fine - webmaster@letsjamboree.org.uk has the e-mail address). Excellent, well I luv u all and I miss u all heaps.
Sam Harley, Sydney, Australia - 03-May-2003
I would like to get Arab Scout badges, specially from Egypt, please who can help me. Good badges in return, like Qatar Scouts.
Luis Meiras, Spain - 14-Apr-2003
Hey I want to agree with you I had a blast at the Jamboree! It went so quick though! It was so huge you couldn't see the half of it! Im so glad that I got to be a part of this once in a life time experience! Miss everyone all so much and hope that we all keep in touch with our new found friends from over the world! Thank you everyone for making this special! :) :)
Zoe, Northern Ireland - 12-Apr-2003
Hey hey hey ya all!!!! This site is great and if I could I would go right back to Thailand, because I miss the people there so much, but who don't ??? 8-) Maybe we all will meet us again in the next Jamboree in England!!!! Oh, and it would be great if you could make a Chat here!!!!!!! Can you tell me if you do that?? bye bye ya all!!!!!!
Myriam Camenzind, Switzerland - 09-Apr-2003
Hi, I am looking to hear from anyone who attended the fortnight camp held at Buckmore Park following the World Scout Jubilee Jamboree in 1957 If you were there please lets hear from you.
Christopher Carrie, Solihull, West-Midlands, England - 04-Apr-2003
It was a very nice Jamboree C U in England 2007 ...... h.man
Hesham Hassanen, Bni-Sufe, Egypt - 29-Mar-2003
I went to the Jamboree and had the best time of my life!! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! I have made so many new friends that I will keep in contact with hopefully forever! I will never forget the wonderful experience I have had and a single day will never pass when I don't remember something that happened there. Thank you to everyone who attended, without you the whole experience would not have been the same! Yours in scouting
Jeni, Cornwall, England - 03-Mar-2003
I say hello to all Scouts!! Is there a Nick Kempton I have lost his address!! Please answer... I have your uniform...=) Just wanna say hello to you ... greetings from Germany to all the Scouts from subcamp C3
Nadine, Wuppertal, Germany - 25-Feb-2003
It was a really nice Jamboree! I enjoyed making new friends from all over the world, and letting them know about the modernized, or, "techonlogized" Egypt.
Mohamed Sanad, Cairo, Egypt - 21-Feb-2003
I'm glad you all were able to fly back home safely. As for me, I'm quite excited that I'm flying back again to Thailand in four weeks. This time, it's all leisure. For all those who came from the UK, do you happen to know a certain OLIVER who stayed at the C sub-camps? He was born on Valentine's Day (if I'm not mistaken). I can't quite remember his particular group but he surely went to Bansattahip School for the community action day (like this info helps?). I hope you can contact me if you are able to locate him (e-mail webmaster@letsjamboree.org.uk). I will appreciate your help a lot. Hope you'll be able to enjoy Thailand a second time like me... real soon!
Incessant, Lucena City Council, Philippines - 20-Feb-2003
Maria, I know you too! And I'll probably see you tomorrow! MAS!
Andrea, Helsinki, Finland (website here) - 09-Feb-2003
What's up D4 and everybody else who were on the Jamboree! Andrea, I know you! David, I remember you, you're a really good dancer! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Janinas and Andreas friend who used to wear a hat. I've noticed that you're interested in Spanish; Mexico and Spain. I recall that you were really into this Mexican dance at the closing ceremony. Anyway, the Jamboree was a unique once in a lifetime experience that all the participants are surely going to remember for the rest of their lives. It was without doubt my best Scouting experience ever! I hope we'll all meet again as ISTs at the 21st Jamboree in the UK!
Maria, Helsinki, Finland - 09-Feb-2003
Hi everyone, greetings from up north. It's quite a change being at home in -20 C when you've just been in +35 in Thailand for a month. I just wanted to say to that the Jamboree was the ultimate experience, It was just so much fun! Have a great time everyone, and see ya all in 2007!
Andrea, Helsinki, Finland (website here) - 06-Feb-2003
The Jamboree was amazing!!! I was from sub-camp D4 if anyone was from there or any other sub-camp write back on this site. Tell how you liked the Jamboree because it was the best experience of my entire life!! How about you!?!? Anyone from any country, Mexico, Spain, any country, what did the trip mean to you!?
David, San Fancisco, USA - 04-Feb-2003
Very nice to see this page still active. Keep it up.
Kelvin Chew Aik Leong, Bukit Batok, Singapore - 02-Feb-2003
The new 'alternative' website for UK Unit 36 West Mercia has been created - by the Scouts for everyone to enjoy. See pictures, video clips and more importantly sign the guestbook or post messages to everyone on the message board. This site is for everyone to post any pictures they have, or share any comments and will be updated everyday.
Chris, West Mercia, UK (website here) - 03-Feb-2003
After being a proud member of NEUK, Surrey 2 may remember us. And coming across Surrey 1's awesome pub, I'd like to say my best nites were spent at da pub (I brought da CD player and bangin tunes). If anyone remembers n if Sarah wants to get in touch tell her to feel free.
Chris 'Cooki' Cooke, Selby, North Yorkshire - 02-Feb-2003
This is a well good site!!! Reminds me a lot about Thailand it is great that someone has decided to do something like this and just a big thanx to whoever organised the Jamboree and lets hope England can do it betta. Luv ya loads
Kirsty, Lincoln and Rutland Contignent Unit 28 - 27-Jan-2003
Hi all! Is there a R.W. Myatt??????? Please answer... I have your scarf...=) Just wanna say hello to you ... greetings from Switzerland to all the Scouts from subcamp C5
Christina, Swizerland - 21-Jan-2003
Ey up! Hope you all had a great time, I certainly did. I'm sorry you had to put up with me for 10 days as your neighbour Surrey 1!! I'll see everyone at 2007.
Chris Stead, Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England - 19-Jan-2003
SAWASDEE KA all English Scouts. It's cool!!! It's a great website, have a lot of photos and information. I think all of you had good experiences from 20th World Scout Jamboree and it make you grow up. If you have a chance do not forget to visit Thailand. We will wait.
Niki, Bangkok, Thailand - 13-Jan-2003
Thanks for a super website. As my son is with another unit - unit 7 - who unfortunately do not have a website I have been looking at all the different sites which were put up. I really feel yours was one of the best. Well done!
Carol Hughes, UK - 12-Jan-2003
Hello....all....I am glad to hear all of you arrived home safe and well. It's real a special experience to meet you. We hope one day all of you can visit Taiwan again. Maybe it won't rain...haha....Take care....^___^ 再見
Maureen, Taiwan - 12-Jan-2003
I miss you all.
包子丹(Danny), Taiwan - 11-Jan-2003
Thank you for hosting the best site for Jamboree info, and for allowing us all to share the public and private sides of life on site. You have truly given us the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Jamboree. Well done Woking. Thanks.
Pam & Tim Kirby, West Bridgford, UK - 10-Jan-2003
This is a brilliant site, I have a good time. Just a quick message to say thanks a lot to everyone who has helped us to get to the Jamboree. You're doing a brilliant job. I like quote from movie THE BEACH: " I still believe in paradise, but now at least I know it's not same place you can walk for. 'Cause it's not where you go, it's how you feel for a moment in your life. And if you find that moment, it lasts forever........"
Richard, Thailand - 09-Jan-2003
Only had time to scan photos - but what a treat. Simple layout, we wanted photos and that's what we got, quick to download. Well done! (shame no-one with my daughters contingent did something similar - but never mind - let's hope she hasn't lost half the films this time!!). Will check again to see if any update includes any of closing ceremony because I think my daughter was on stage!
Vanessa Fessey, UK - 08-Jan-2003
A great site, Woking, congratulations!! My son is in Thailand with Hertland Unit 23, and looking at your site has been very interesting. Thank you.
Heather, Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England - 05-Jan-2003
I am President of 3rd Staines Scouts and we have two members at the Jamboree - Colin Stuart and Adam Dix. It has been great to access the Jamboree site and get your excellent news & photos and to receive emails from our Scouts. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Jamboree experience.
Colin Goulden, Staines, England - 05-Jan-2003
Very informative and encouraging for Guides like me. Very little information with regards to other Scouts from the Asia Pacific region. Could this page be extended for all readers to know how they are faring.
Sumei, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 05-Jan-2003
Thanks for the wonderful site, we can't get enough information on what is happening on the other side of the world in Thailand .... Happy New Year to all of the Scouts and Scouters at the Jamboree...
John Garland, Nashville, Tennessee USA - 02-Jan-2003
This is a brilliant site, very easy to navigate, just exceptional. My son Arran Neathey is in Surrey 1 and I have been using your site to keep up to date ... yes I scour every picture just in case I spot him ... but thanks for all the information it's brilliant.
Naomi Neathey, Surrey, England - 02-Jan-2003
To Tom Hornsby, I hope that you enjoy the World Jamboree . What a great opportunity. See you in Canada real soon.
Linda Murray, Elmvale, Ontario, Canada - 0-Jan-2003
I found your site through the link buttons whilst trying to get information about the Jamboree. Your site is brilliant, you are really keeping us in touch with what is happening over there. Our son, Titch, is with the Derbyshire Contingent. Thank you, keep it going and enjoy the rest of the Jamboree and your Ho Ho.
Sheila Cotton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire - 31-Dec-2002
I loved reading the Jamboree History pages. My step father attended the 5th Jamboree in Vogelenzang, Holland in 1937. It was him who encouraged my son to attend the 20th in Thailand. I still have his Jamboree Journal, with pictures and entries about his time in Holland. Sadly my step dad passed on earlier this year, but he would have been thrilled to read all about this Jamboree. Now I just hope Mark can remember to fill in his journal!!
Anne Ridley, Great Lumley, Co. Durham - 30-Dec-2002
I think that this site interesting and educational. My regrets is I should have learnt about this site before.
Dina Lynch, Barbados, West Indies - 29-Dec-2002
Very nice informative site. I'll visit it often while our boys are in Thailand. Wish the USA had something similar.
Bob Martin, Tennessee, USA - 28-Dec-2002
As parents of a Scout in Thailand for the Jamboree (Ian), we have found your site a marvelous way of keeping in touch with what is happening. Thank you and keep it going!
Graham Webster, Runnymede, England - 26-Dec-2002
Thanks - It was great finding your site on the Link button - I've had a quick whiz around the other contingents and yours is the most informative!! Our son Jamie is with the Wilt/Glos Contingent so it's great to hear a little about what he might be doing. Hope the rest of the Jamboree goes well for you all. Safe travelling.
Helen Curtis, England - 26-Dec-2002
Have a great time, you came over extremely well on the Southern Counties Radio (Friday 20th). Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy it.
Colin Bridger, 5th Guildford Group, England - 20-Dec-2002
Excellent site, well designed, and easy for an old lady to use. I know you'll all have a wonderful time, please take lots of photos, and show us when you get back.
Sue Moore ADC CS, Woking District, England - 19-Dec-2002
Hi people! Well it's exactly a week until my unit set off at 5.00am. It's come round so quickly. I really cannot wait to meet you all. It's going to be an amazing experience, so bring it on!
Natalie, Essex, England - 15-Dec-2002
HI! I am girl Scout (or Guide, what ever) from Finland and I'm also going to WSJ 2003. I hope I'll see you all in Thailand. It's just 13 days left (to Jamboree)... but our troop will leave 25th Dec. Merry Christmas to all!!
Essi, Helsinki, Finland (website here) - 14-Dec-2002
Have a great time boys! I attended the '67 and '71 World Jamborees as a youth. We of course lived through a typhoon in '71. The English Scouts demonstrated their abilities in dealing with a bit of rain! Sunny California Scouts learned from those good chaps. It will be memorable. Hope to see you in Essex in 2007. Let me know if you want to swap a '67 or '71 participants patch for an '03 participants patch. Very good web site.
Daniel F Machado, Modesto, California, USA - 12-Dec-2002
Cool site. Same as everyone else, I can't wait for the Jamboree. It's gonna be awesome and when people think your a nerd for goin' to Scouts laugh really loud in their face because we're goin' to THAILAND!
Alex Doughty, Derby, Derbyshire - 10-Dec-2002
Hey you guys. The Boy Scouts here in America can't wait to go to Thailand. It's going to be an experience of a lifetime that we will never forget. Hope to see you there.
Warren, Louisiana, United States of America - 05-Dec-2002
Hello everyone! We can't come to the 20th Jamboree.....but we are online. Have a good time there. Enjoy the life, choose the time!
Michael Schneider / Schruubä, Switzerland (website here) - 03-Dec-2002
Hallo Scouts and Guides, I am from Czech Republic and I know Jitka from Strakonice. I have got like Jamboree, I am member of Scout Movement- Carpathia 2001 in Hungary and Intercamp 2002 in Germany. My English is very small. Hi.
Agi, Pilsen, Czech Republic (website here, alternative site here) - 30-Nov-2002
Hi everybody! I come from the Czech Republic. I will be IST on the World Scout Jamboree. I am very looking forward to the Jamboree and also to meeting new people from different countries.
Jitka, Strakonice, Czech Republic - 29-Nov-2002
Let's go 20th World Jamboree Sattahip, Thailand. I'm very happy and waiting. Wow....
Kyoung Won Cho, Cheongju, Korea (website here) - 25-Nov-2002
Yo, sup everyone. . . not long to go till Thailand. Holla at Rob Williacy and B-Man.
Neil Young, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada - 19-Nov-2002
Hi, wow not long now, it's soooo exciting! I can't wait to meet everyone and see the world! It's going to be amazing especially Christmas day. Hello to Rob (Leics) and the others, LOU and Jo (S.Yorks). Big hello to everyone else as well!
Suzie, Leicestershire - 18-Nov-2002
Only 45 days to go as I am writing this!!! Can you believe how quickly it has come around from finding out we were going over one and a half years ago. Hello on behalf of the members and leaders of Unit 27 from Leicestershire.
Rob Hillsdon, Leicestershire - 07-Nov-2002
Great site! Lots of good information. I look forward to seeing you all in Sattahip in a few weeks time! Or maybe I don't want to see you, considering the job I have. I am part of the TWIST IST unit in South West England.
Steve Morton, South Gloucestrshire, UK (website here) - 05-Nov-2002
Hi, I'm going to Thailand with the Northampton Contingent I was just searching our website and I saw this site so I had a look and it is a great website - WELL DONE. Hope to meet loads of new people there.
Becky, Northampton, England (website here) - 04-Nov-2002
Hi, I'm going to the Jamboree, wondered if anyone wanted to meet up there?
Ben, Northampton, England (website here) - 23-Oct-2002
Well.....Hello! 62 days and we'll be jetting off to Thailand! How ace?! We've one training camp left and we'll get all our kit! God, it seems so real now! PS (Hey Jo, fancy seeing you on here). See you all in Thailand... you'll not miss me... I Promise!! Byeee
Lou Mettham, Doncaster, South Yorkshire - 21-Oct-2002
Hiya everyone! I'm going to the jamboree too and it's less than 10 weeks away! I cant wait! It's gunna be the biggest party and the best experience of my life! See ya all there! PS. I'm with the South Yorkshire contingent!
Jo Simmonds, Doncaster, South Yorkshire - 16-Oct-2002
It's a nice website ... I'll tell all my friends about this site. I'll know my new friends in the Jamboree. OK.
Hesham Hassanen, Bni-Suef, Egypt - 19-Sep-2002
Hi ppls! I'm in the Irish Contingent for the Jamboree and I can't wait! Our Contingent rocks. See ya there!!!
Lol, Waterford, Ireland (website here) - 08-Sep-2002
It's gonna be exotic. Meet your friends all over the globe. I joined this movement in 1970 and am now the State Treasurer of Mizoram Scouts & Guides Association.
Isaac Hnamte, Mizoram, India - 27-Jul-2002
Hey guys great site, I wish ours was that good. Im a member of the Bucks Contingent, probably see you sometime. Great site again.
Adam Gross, Hazlemere - 22-Jul-2002
Nice page, I'm a Troop leader from Switzerland and really looking forward to the Jamboree! See you in Thailand!
Caracol, Switzerland (website here) - 21-Jul-2002
Great Site. Wish these "Old Bones" could be going with you. I attended the 7th world Jamboree in Bad Ischl, Austria, as the Lead American Indian Dancer from the Missouri, USA contingent. Seems like only yesterday but a world away. Have a Great Jamboree!
Hal, Texas, USA - 19-Jul-2002
Hey great site. I'm Helen from the Northampton Contingent, I'm going to Thailand too. Maybe see you out there? I hope you have fun because I know I will.
Hez, Northampton - 08-Jul-2002
Hey, well lucky me I got to talk to one of these great individuals ;-) Kieran you're awesome! This is a nice Scout. Keep up the work fellas!
Darlene, San Jose, California, USA - 24-May-2002
Hi, another looney leader from Central Yorkshire Unit, looking forward to the Jamboree. Hope to see you there!
Adrian Barraclough, Castleford, West Yorkshire - 22-May-2002
Hi I am from Denmark. I have been in the 19th World Jamboree in Chile and I am also going to Thailand this year. I am a Scout Leader. Your site is good.
Vicky, Denmark (website here) - 18-May-2002
Hi guys I am Kate! I will be a part of the Norfolk and Suffolk Contingent! C U there guyz!
Kate Bedwell, Norfolk - 29-Apr-2002
Hi, I am from Malaysia contingent to the World Jamboree, I am welcoming you if you are arranged to come to Malaysia for the HO-HO program.
Tan Sim Kai, Johor, Malaysia - 20-Apr-2002
Heya everyone I liked your site. See you all there!!!
Saz, Cornwall (website here) - 19-Apr-2002
It's me again! Just to ask what members of the Surrey 2 Contingent think of our home hospitality country? Malaysia?
Matt Jobson, Banstead, Surrey - 16-Apr-2002
Hello there, I'm part of the leadership team for Durham Scouts and NE England Guides. Maybe we'll meet up before we find ourselves together in a cue. I found your site by accident - how professional. I hope you're selling your computer talents. All the best with your fundraising.
Pegg-Rose Taylor, Barnsley, South Yorkshire - 16-Apr-2002
Hi! I'm Jeremy's cousin from London. I'm not a member, I wasn't at the last fundraising event and I know surprisingly little about this organisation, but I've seen a lot of websites, and I'd have to say that this one ... isn't terrible, in ANY WAY!! Keep up doing whatever you're doing!
Jay, London - 14-Apr-2002
I have an assignment, mail and contact some friends for the World Jamboree, Thailand.
Roy Leo, Eindhoven, Netherlands (website here) - 08-Apr-2002
This is a real nice web site - a lot of work has been put in here, well done. I'm the Unit Leader for the Central Scotland Unit (we have a site also). Good luck with your preparations, and have a great time when it comes round.
Dave Morris, Glasgow (website here) - 07-Apr-2002
Hi! We are very excited as in 267 days we're going to THAILAND!!!! We worked out that there are roughly 1800 blokes to meet per day!!! Of course, we are going for the whole Scouting experience as well... Have a great time (we will!), wear suncream and drink loads of water.
Amy & May, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire - 04-Apr-2002
Hi all! I am the Contingent Leader for Greater London South East (GLSE) and rather ironically work in Woking. I like your Safeway bit - a regular at Lunch there in Cafe Fresco! I will try to see you at some point and perhaps meet with the leaders at the Weekend next week! Cheers!
Dave Maughan, Bexleyheath, Kent (website here) - 03-Apr-2002
Very very cool website. Sounds like you guys are going to have a blast. Look forward to following your progress!
Ashley, Portsmouth, Hampshire - 29-Mar-2002
Funky Guestbook. I'm part of the North East England unit of the IST.
Simon Jerram, Leeds, Yorkshire (website here) - 29-Mar-2002
Great Site! I'm in the Surrey 2 Contingent and attend 3rd Banstead Scouts. I've got flu at the moment so I was sitting around bored and thought hey I'll check out this Jamboree site. I recognise a few people as well, like Mike and Frances.
Matt, Banstead, Surrey - 27-Mar-2002
Great site, seems like you guys are going to have a whale of a time, what an experience!! Good luck in all your fundraising events, look forward to new info when published, very interesting!!!
Mary, Kent - 26-Mar-2002
Heya I'm part of the Hamster Fordey Unit. This is BirmingHAM, WorceSTER, HereFORD and JersEY. Hope to see u all there!!!
Tess, Ross-on-Wye - 26-Mar-2002
Hey I'm part of 2 units from Essex going and part of Thurrock District with the largest amount of contingents going (19). Great site.
Lucy Dey, Grays, Essex - 18-Mar-2002
I am from West Lancashire Scouts, Unit 26 going to the Thailand Jamboree.
Helen Ellwood, Lancashire  (website here) - 16-Mar-2002
Great site!!!!
Luke Lambart, Woking, Surrey - 14-Mar-2002
Just read through the website and sounds like you guys are going to have a PHENOMENAL experience! Hope u come back with the best stories and I look foward to hearing them! Love Eleri xx
Eleri, Woking, Surrey - 14-Mar-2002
Spangdoodlytastic website - particularly like the pictures...quite quite amusing! Just make sure James does all the map-reading - you're bound to have loads of fun re-finding your way as I guarantee he will get you lost! Good luck with all the fundraising ... have to say that you do look quite quite fetching in your uniforms. Have fun and if James starts on about phenomenal experiences - then RUN! You'll regret it otherwise!!! Have a great time. Love Ems xx
Ems, Godalming, Surrey - 14-Mar-2002
Hiya, quality site! I'm the webmaster from the Northants contingent, please visit our site sometime! It's great to see other units gettin' their own site, you're the first I've seen!
Dave Tonks, Towcester, Northants (website here) - 08-Mar-2002
Glad to see the guys have their ugly mugs on the web. Just to say that I am going to Thailand with them as part of Surrey 1 and they are great people to represent their District. See you lot on the 16th!!
Colin Stuart, Staines (website here) - 04-Mar-2002
Hello. I'm a Scout from the Czech Republic and I'm a member of the Czech contingent. See you soon.
Mravenec, Czech Republic - 28-Feb-2002
C U there! We're only sending a few people from Hampshire as part of the contingent - 120 max!!!
Sarah Pegg, Petersfield, Hampshire - 23-Jan-2002
Hi! I'm on the IST from Thailand. I'm gonna be on the IST at the 20th World Scout Jamboree and now I'm on the IST in pre-World Scout Jamboree - See you there
Kewy, Thailand (website here) - 30-Dec-2001
Well, I think it is just fabulous that young people have this PHENOMENAL opportunity to travel and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. James - enjoy the table tennis out there!
Helen Blower, Mina Salman, Bahrain - 28-Nov-2001
Mohd. Farihan Bin Halida, Segamat Johor, Malaysia - 23-Nov-2001
Very cool website, be back to read it again soon.
Helen Seal, Northampton - 14-Nov-2001
Very informative site. We have 3 scouts going from our Group (14th Enfield). We have put together our own site.
Mike Thurston, Enfield (website here) - 04-Nov-2001
What an excellent website. I will add it to my favourites and follow progress.
Sarah Wynter Bee - 30-Oct-2001
Amazing site, well done. Good luck with all your fundraising efforts! I am busy just now too, trying to get £2500 together- I'm going as a member of the IST. See you there! Enjoy every moment, it'll be great. I can't wait! Best wishes.
Karrie Husband, Thurso / Edinburgh - 26-Oct-2001
Completely mental, but since we were under a three line whip to write in the guest book we thought we would, just as James' lil fan club! Good luck at the Jamboree! Don't get lost and have lots of fun!!! Don't scare the lil people cos remember you are bigger than them!!! Have a great time, love Ems and Sam xxx
Ems & Sam, Haslemere - 19-Oct-2001
Good site. Have a great time. Scouting is such a great adventure (believe me, I know), enjoy every moment. A big HELLO to all my Scouting friends back home in Woking.
Paul Gadd, Marlboro MA, USA - 13-Oct-2001
Congratulations on an excellent website. I have 5 Scouts as well as myself from the West Mercia Unit going to Thailand. Hope to see you there!
Chris Revitt, 2nd Walsall, West Midlands (website here) - 03-Oct-2001
A great site, although I've only just scratched the surface. I am a Scout Leader with 5 Scouts going to the Jamboree. I will make sure my Scouts are aware of your site and will find time to have a close look. Good luck with your fund raising.
Steve Waterworth, Stokesley, North Yorkshire - 02-Oct-2001
Great site! I am also going to the Jamboree as part of the Gloucestershire Wiltshire contingent. It will be an event of a lifetime and I hope to see you there.
Chris Seymour, Cheltenham - 24-Sep-2001
I'm also a member of a Jamboree Contingent with Greater London Middlesex West. Our contingent has 36 people. Good luck and have fun in Thailand.
Aidan, Stanmore - 23-Sep-2001
Nice site, never thought Mike would get that famous tho!
Ben, Woking - 17-Sep-2001
Congratulations on the website - we look forward to giving you our assistance and support.
Peter Goldstone, Woking ADC VS - 17-Sep-2001
Well we really think that your website is dead cool and really looks good too! Have fun in the future and we will look back in here to see wot you get up to! :) Elliotina loves Mike :)
Justine and Elliotina, Dover - 16-Sep-2001
What a fantastic site. I look forward to watching your progress towards Thailand.
Paul Truscott, Woking Scouts District Commissioner - 15-Sep-2001
Top photos, top site. Look forward to seeing more.
Clair Seaman, Woking - 14-Sep-2001
Definitely a really cool website!! Good luck and have a great time.
David Pennells, Woking - 12-Sep-2001
Like the site. Look forward to following your progress. I was given the address by Dan when I met him at Kandersteg International Scout Centre - Switzerland.
Jen Whitfield, Walton-on-Thames - 10-Sep-2001
Wicked website, a really great start - look forward to seeing how you all get on.
Hannah Metcalfe, Woking - 08-Sep-2001