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Lets Jamboree

Woking District ScoutsIn December 2002 eight Scouts and three Leaders from Woking District will travel to Thailand to take part in the 20th World Scout Jamboree. This website traces their plans and preparations and keeps a record of the once in a lifetime trip they will make together. Join with them using this website ..... Lets Jamboree!


Over 18 months they attended a number of training camps and weekends. They polished the Scouting skills they needed and learnt more about the activities they would take part in. They also prepared for the community project they would carry out once in Thailand.
20th World Scout Jamboree - Thailand


Woking The cost of the trip is around 4,000 per Scout. Each Scout endeavoured to raise as much money as they can towards this. They took part in fundraising activities and sought sponsorship. In return they raised the profile of:
  • Scouting;
  • Young people and youth development in Woking;
  • Cultural awareness amongst young people; and of course .... 
  • Their sponsors